The habitat customized for your project

At Mardegan Legno we have a special feeling with architects and designers.

Thanks to numerous collaborations with several international studios, we developed many projects of great stylistic value.

Today our craftmanship is available to professionals who, like us, work to give shape to uniqueness.

The showcase of your talent

We offer wisdom and tools, but not only. We enhance the talent of professionals who work with us, promoting projects carried out together on our online and offline communication media.

In this way, customers and followers appreciate the work done, while architects and designers create new opportunities for research and growth.

Our world on your desk

If you want to see our work first-hand, contact us now. In addition to the Mardegan Legno catalogue, we can provide you with samples of all our finishings. Observing them on a screen helps to know them, but it doesn’t do justice to the sensory experience given by direct contact. In addition, you can receive a binder with all 15 colors created by our master craftsmen.

Ask your dealer

Enter into the detail of our offer and get the assistance you need thanks to the experience and expertise of one of our trusted resellers. If you want to create the surface to be fitted with your architectural project and want to deepen the specific knowledge of our solutions, we immediately put you in touch with a professional able to support you throughout the design process.