Use and maintenance

5 tips for caring for your floor

In the modern concept of interior design, parquet is an essential element in designing the room. As with other components of the décor, caring for your floor is important.

    To preserve the beauty of the floor over time, the microclimate of the room must remain between 16 and 21°C with a humidity of between 45% and 60%. This balance between temperature and humidity guarantees a healthy environment and ensures the parquet retains its qualities over time.
    Before washing your floor, we advise always removing the dust first using a vacuum cleaner with a soft parquet brush or an electrostatic cloth. Then wash the floor using neutral Palladio detergent for varnished floors, or neutral Tintoretto detergent for oiled floors. Use a well-wrung soft cloth and wipe several times without rinsing, until the floor is clean.
    If there are stains left by spilt food or drink, use a soft cloth moistened with lukewarm water and the specific product for the particular wood finish. Wipe the floor gently until clean.
    If there is water on the floor, just dry with a soft cloth. If the water contains soap and leaves a residue after drying, proceed with normal cleaning. You should remove any liquids from the parquet immediately.
    If the floor appears dull and worn, or you simply want to preserve it, we recommend treating it with specific floor care products to nourish and protect it, restoring its natural beauty.

Maintenance products for OILED FLOORS

Floors with an oil finish must be treated periodically with Tiziano, a specific maintenance solution conceived to ensure the wood surface remains water and stain repellent. Repeat the treatment as often as needed, depending on the level of use. Once laid, floors belonging to oil-finished collections must be treated with a protective surface coating by the installer. This coating applied immediately after laying requires regular nourishing treatment, depending on the level of use. Floors in the “Antichi Sapori” collection require no treatment immediately after laying, but will need professional care every 6 to 18 months, depending on the level of use.

Maintenance products for VARNISHED FLOORS

If after a few months your floor seems dull or worn, we recommend using Vivaldi refreshing wax. Thanks to its composition, it will nourish and protect your floor, preserving its natural beauty.