Our company was born in Hungary, in the heart of the European forest, in direct contact with the best raw material: Slavonian oak. We decided to get as close as possible to the origin of raw material, here wood is worked by those who know it and used it for centuries: our expert craftsmen transform logs into parquet and top-quality coverings. We are aware of the great resource we have which must be safeguarded in every way. In our 70,000 square meters of production units, we are everyday committed to offer a selection of surfaces from certified raw material, the result of a process that respects forests’ life.


From the log to the finished floor, in Mardegan Legno we follow every step of the process because we want to guarantee the highest quality of each floor.


Cutting the logs

In order to make the value chain increasingly functional, consuming less and using responsibly materials, energy and water is crucial. We use each log carefully, taking the greatest possible care over how and how much to cut to avoid wasting the result of centuries of growth in just a few moments. That is why our boards are available in a range of sizes, just as they were sawn

Selecting the slat and assembling the layers

The production process begins with removing the bark and cutting the log into slat of different sizes and thicknesses. These are dried in ovens fuelled by the cutting residues, then when ready, they receive the first surface treatment.
At the end of this phase, the slat are meticulously divided into three main types known as “selections”. The trained eye of our experts classifies the individual boards according to the design created by nature.

Surface treatment

Each process is a combination of unique gestures, steeped in passion and experience. We employ the skills of craftsmen to bring out all the richness of the wood. Hand-planed, brushed, sandblasted, sawn, rounded or worn, Mardegan Legno floors are unique as they are the result of the natural qualities of the constituent material and the rediscovery of traditional hand working techniques.


Mardegan Legno floors stand out for the large number of colours available.
Even more exceptional is the fact that all the finishings are made by hand, so cannot be reproduced mechanically, the result of Giuseppe Mardegan’s research and passion for colour. Each shade is handmade by superimposing different nuances and may be created using the brush, spray or rag technique, depending on the version.


It is the hands of our master craftsmen that make each nuance unique.
All Mardegan Legno surface finishings are free from formaldehyde and toxic or harmful substances. We use UV dried water-based varnishes, or special oil based mixtures to ensure they retain their characteristics over time with just simple regular maintenance.

Quality control

Creating each parquet floor by hand makes it exclusive and unrepeatable.
Each floor is unique, with its own characteristic patterns, finishings and colours.
We are so careful and so proud of the quality of our products that we sign each of them with our trademark, the dragonfly, symbol of delicacy and elegance, but also of our enthusiasm when we look at the result of our work.

The environmental responsibility of Mardegan Legno

Mardegan Legno chooses every day to implement a sustainable development model. This allows to keep under control the impact of its activity on the environment. With this Decalogue, based on Federlegno’s guidelines, Mardegan Legno answers the global challenges of sustainability, defining real and distinctive actions for the company.



We believe that protecting the places where we live and the species that live with us is a primary goal.
The sense of respect for life, guides our commitment to regenerate habitats, on behalf of our common future.
It’s everyone’s duty to make it possible for new generations to enjoy the natural heritage we got from the past.

Mardegan Legno has its own productive heart in the Hungarian forest, which is sustainably managed.
Trees grow looked after and protected applying the rules related to the concept of «legal wood» for EU flooring 995/2010.
Mardegan Legno is committed to offer a selection of surfaces starting from certified raw material, result of a process that respects forests’ life



Natural resources are a gift of which humanity must show himself worthy, taking care of them. To slow down unique and finite resources exploitation, we turn our commitment to a growing use of materials renewable and responsible. We get closer to supply sources, promoting national and European options. We encourage reuse and recycling. Defending the planet means looking ahead, ensuring also the future of our industry.

Mardegan Legno uses each part of the trunk avoiding any waste.



The allure and aesthetic quality of floors we produce remains an undeniable value.
For us beautiful products are those that can satisfy the senses, improving everyone’s lives: making home every house.
They can last for generations, or lend themselves to recycling and reuse. While producing beauty we help protect the planet.

Mardegan Legno works together with architects and designers to create new products, in the spirit of environmental sustainability respecting the highest standards of design and that formal elegance to which we all aspire.



Consuming less and using responsibly materials, energy and water is crucial. Removing uncertainties and inefficiencies throughout the supply chain is an objective to which we dedicate a convinced and aware commitment.
Work and craftsmanship are our greatest resources. Technological innovation is the approach that allows us to make our processes efficient and sustainable. Smoother processes bring strong benefit to the environment, but also make our business more competitive.

Mardegan Legno works for a constant technological update through the introduction of new equipment to make our production safer and qualitatively better.



Extending the products’ life, we extend the planet life too.
This goal involves efficient circular processes. Products life path doesn’t need to have a beginning and an end: it is up to us to strive to make it a constant cycle.
We carefully and regularly support the regeneration, repair and return to the market of furniture and manufactured goods, consolidating a recycling and reuse system.

Mardegan Legno manufactures using noble wood elements which allow a product life cycle above the average offered by the market.
The Life Cycle Assessment implemented in Mardegan Legno represents one of the essential tools for the fulfilment of an Integrated Environmental Policy of Products



Today, more than ever, human relationships are the engine of our industry. Our commitment to sustainability is by definition a collective commitment: mobilizing people and getting them to cooperate to protect a common future and the ecosystem in which they live together. This is why we promote inclusive innovation processes, open to businesses, to society, to territorial communities, encouraging them to join a network to work together.

Mardegan Legno and Treedom work together on agroforestry projects in those areas of the planet most affected by climate changes, planting trees which belong to species useful to the local ecosystem, like fruit trees.
These, over time, will offer nourishment and earning opportunities for the farmers who take care of trees, generating a positive impact on a global scale.



Knowing with clarity and certainty the origin and characteristics of the product, with guaranteed traceability throughout the lifecycle, is a demand which the market is hearing more and more.
Transparency plays a key role in companies’ choices for sustainability. We actively promote the gradual spread of effective certification in our industry, which gives reliability to the promise of care for the environment

Mardegan Legno signs its own products with the brand which characterizes it: the dragonfly, symbol of refinement and elegance, but also of respect and love for nature.



The object of our work are our products. But people are our motivation. To those who work with us we give new skills, security, a welfare progressively better. To the customer and beauty lovers, we offer a quality that everyday more means sustainability. To citizens we acknowledge our commitment to the environment and everyone’s future. Change is made for people and together with them.

The hands of Mardegan Legno expert craftsmen make every floor unique. A combination of gestures rich in passion and experience.



We care about safety, health, accessibility and well-being. We truly believe that wood, together with other natural and low impact materials, creates healthier and more pleasant products and buildings.
For this reason, our effort is aimed at spreading its usage: today and even more so in the future. Improving thermal comfort, acoustic performance and air quality contributes to decarbonise the industry and makes everyone living better.

Mardegan Legno manufactures floors for the well-being of people and environment. The innovative eco-friendly varnish BIHOMA, allows us to dress our homes in a natural way.
A 100% ecological paint formulated using renewable sources of plant origin and low CO2 emissions.



A promise is worth when it is supported by true commitment to results but commitment makes sense in the light of principles that guide it. We are running to become, in the course of the next five years, leader of environmental sustainability in the world. We work together with our artisans, our companies and our designers.

Mardegan Legno is every day committed with real actions to improve environment.
It has started a path to reduce as much as possible the environmental footprint of work, adopting sustainable technologies and practices.
Plastic free offices, photovoltaic systems, more efficient and new generation machinery, FSC packaging, LEED mapping and more.


There is something that will never be achieved by any machinery: it is the knowledge of the expert hands that work wood, bringing out all its value. A set of gestures and priceless skills that, merging, make each floor unique compared to all the others already produced.

Available 12 different finishings, the result of the rediscovery and combination of traditional craftsmanship techniques.

The floor’s finishing comes to life, table after table, assuming its own characteristics that change depending on the response of the wood to the tools used such as planer, saw or brushes; every single detail will be enhanced even more by painting.

Our work goes beyond than the simple realization of a surface, it becomes a mission oriented to the excellence of result, to the valorization of people, to the safeguard of nature.

Mardegan Legno’s floor: guarantee, safety and resistance

Safe and tested surfaces

Wood is an important, precious and refined material.
According to our principles and philosophy, we carried out a series of “resistance tests” at Catas (R&D centre and testing laboratories for wood and furniture, environment and food) to reassure you about your choice: your floor is safe and resistant. If it changes, it will only be because of the natural spontaneous evolution of the wood.

Antibacterial surface

Respecting people and environment.

UNI 15185:2011

UNI EN 15186:2012

UNI 9300:2015

EN 13442:2013

EN 15187:2007

UNI 9429:2015

Quality certifications

Quality certifications

Mardegan Legno surfaces are created to let you live your space with no limits.

We chose to comply with the standards connected to the concept of “legal timber” for flooring specified in EU 995/2010 and the regulations on conformity evaluation criteria, characteristics and marking for finished wood flooring in EN 14342:2013+A1/2008. In addition, each wood floor we produce is accompanied by a “product sheet” and “declaration of performance”, as required by UNI EN 13489 for multilayer pre-finished flooring.

UE 955/2010 EN 14342:2013+A1/2008 UNI EN 13489 CE

LEED requisites

As a guarantee of eco-sustainable quality standards, Mardegan Legno products respect the requisites of LEED®,a U.S. system for classifying energy efficiency and ecological footprint
of buildings specifying a series of measurement standards to assess environmentally sustainable buildings.