Casa farace


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Casa Farace

The project consists in the reuse of a single-family house, set in a system of terraced houses, bordering on the old city center of Favara. The building, originally on two floors, before the renovation did not present any dominant architectural character able to distinguish it from the surrounding buildings. The limits imposed by the existing urban parameters, allowed the addition of a floor. Doing so the interior spaces were divided into three levels.

Arch. Lillo Giglia

The result is a white volume that raises from the surrounding buildings – characterized by a poor architectural quality – that dialogues with the city through great views of the historic center. Access to the house is on the ground floor from Udine Street, where, with its numerous openings, seemingly random and differently sized, is proposed as a contemporary reinterpretation of the facades of near buildings. Those don’t follow a definite and unitary style.

Moreover, the house is characterized by the interlocking of emerging volumes, differently inclined compared to other existing buildings.
The master bedroom is located on the first floor, along with two additional rooms with their restrooms, which compose the sleeping area – fits with its geometry within the regular perimeter of the building, creating an articulated and dynamic space. The second floor, foreseen in the renovation, is intended to accommodate the living area. A free space, as wide as the entire house, except for the loggia, which opens looking at the city center, to establish a connection between architecture and its context. On the roof, this bond is underlined in the solarium project: here the landscape becomes the background of an open space, characterized by the presence of natural elements such as water, fire, vegetation, in a calibrated sequence of light, twilight and shadow.


The main spaces of Casa Farace overlook the courtyard, realized in the basement and accessible from the cellar: the garden, intimate and hidden, is a necessary break between the dense weave of the existing buildings.

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