Villa with view


Querce Milllionarie


Quercia corallo



Villa with view in Lugano

Architetto Michele Zago

Realization of the Iparchitettura Studio

Relationship with nature and landscape, permeability between internal and external space, matching and overlapping of volumes and use of specific materials are the main themes of this single-family villa in Lugano

Between challenge and inspiration
Arranged on three levels, an elongated rectangle, exploiting the orography of the site, embraces the surrounding landscape and its rich vegetation: a landscape to be consumed visually that penetrates each other. The research is aimed at lightening the mass of the building by working on the staggering of some of its parts that correspond to the main areas of domestic life: in the basement the garage, SPA and Fitness, on the first floor the sleeping area on the second floor the living area with swimming pool and patio: this, if necessary, is transformed into a closed space on all sides, as an extension of the living room.


A succession of isotropic, transparent and flexible environments where the protagonist is light through a large continuous glass wall that allows a direct relationship with the outside: a diffused, calibrated (and modular) light that beams the dimension of living beyond the solid boundaries of the home.


Particular attention is paid to the furniture with a sober and elegant taste integrated with the architecture: design objects studied with care and refinement generating contrasts and environments in an indivisible whole. The expert use of geometry and alignments, the dialectic between different materials such as the light grey plaster of the upper body in chromatic contrast with the quartzite of the lower one, define, extending with consistency, the figurative world of the house.

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