Warm or cool parquet colours? A matter of matching

Warm or cool parquet colours? A matter of matching

Are you thinking of choosing a parquet floor to furnish your home? Whether it is a bedroom, a living room, a dining room or any other room, parquet is certainly an attractive and timeless way to add elegance and luxury to a space. Not just about aesthetics: beautiful to look at, sure, but it can also be surprisingly versatile when it comes to colour matching. With so many colours available, it is easy to get stuck in the decision phase, so let’s start with the first question: should we choose a warm-coloured or a cool-coloured parquet floor? We will explore the different options available and discuss the practical considerations needed to make this decision. Read on if you are interested in learning more about how warm and cool colours can influence the way your flat looks!

Understanding the basics of colour theory

The colour theory may seem intimidating, but understanding its basics is essential for any artist, designer or creative. The theory is based on the idea that colours consist of three main elements: tone, saturation and luminosity. Tone refers to the colour, saturation refers to the intensity of the colour, while luminosity refers to the amount of light a colour emanates. Understanding therefore how these three elements influence the way we perceive colour enables us to create harmonious combinations, to convey different moods and to communicate better with our audience. So, do not let colour theory intimidate you – once you grasp the basics, you will look forward to using it in your art and design projects!

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So, warm or cool parquet floor colours?

Interiors can be characterized by a wide range of furniture, from leather sofas to wooden tables. Every type of furniture has its own charm and functionality, and these are often based on personal preferences and lifestyle. For example, leather sofas lend an elegant and refined look to the room, while wooden tables create a warm and cosy atmosphere.

As far as already furnished rooms are concerned, we advise you to skip to the next paragraph in which we will discuss the importance of contrasts in furnishing. On the other hand, if you are decorating your flat and have started with the floors, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that warm colours, such as brown and reddish, provide an intimate and cosy feel, ideal for rooms like the bedroom and living room. By contrast, cool colours, such as grey and blue, provide a more modern and sophisticated feel, perfect for rooms like the kitchen and bathroom. 

Grey parquet: combinations and uses, learn more.

Creating a contrast with the parquet floor for a homogeneous look

Parquet is a popular furnishing choice for many interior styles. However, to make the room even more appealing, you can create a contrast with complementary colours between the wooden floor and the rest of the furnishing elements. While lighter shades of wood can be combined with colours such as white and grey to create a relaxing ambience with a Nordic décor style, darker shades can be combined with warm colours like orange and red to create a welcoming ambience. In general, it is important to choose complementary colours that fit well into the room context and reflect your personal style. 

Therefore, avoid too strong contrasts such as black and white if you want to avoid a cold and soulless atmosphere.

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Choosing the parquet that suits your style and design tastes

Parquet floor is a timeless element in interior design but choosing the right one can be a challenge. There is so much to consider, such as colour, pattern, and finish, as well as the fact that it has to fit the aesthetic style you have chosen to convey with your interior design and not least your personal taste. If you are an active person with a house full of children and pets, then maybe you want to opt for a parquet floor that is durable and easy to clean

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On the other hand, if you are more inclined towards aesthetics, an elegant and refined parquet floor might be more suitable. All in all, there is no wrong answer when choosing the right parquet for you and your lifestyle, but it is important to research and look at the options to find the perfect one for you.

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Incorporating wall art and plants to enhance the colours and styles of the furniture

Wall art is an important part of decorating a home. Paintings and prints can be used to emphasise the colours and styles of the furniture that is already in the room. For example, if you have wooden furniture and warm tones, you may opt for a large canvas with red and orange tones to accentuate the cosy feel of the room. Instead, if a more modern and minimalist style is preferred, can choose black and white or brightly coloured prints that contrast with the more neutral look of the furniture. With the right wall art, you can transform a simple room into an oasis of style and beauty.

And let’s not forget that plants are also a great ally when it comes to aesthetics and colour at home.

Indoor plants like hanging plants can be a great cue for Scandinavian-style flats mainly characterised by cool colours.

As we have seen, choosing the perfect parquet floor for your home is not just a matter of colour balance. With the right insight into the theory of colours, design elements and suitable materials, it is possible to create spaces that tell a unique story, adapted to your individual taste. And if you are still undecided today, mood boards can help greatly in your choice and can suggest combinations of different materials. 

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So go ahead and express yourself with harmony, rhythm, and some contrast.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article and we wish you success in creating wonderful workspaces that embody your uniqueness!

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