Parquet with white skirting boards

Planning to enhance the details of your home while maintaining a modern, minimalist style? Why not consider installing a parquet floor with white skirting boards for a bold and timeless look? Surely this floor will take your space to the next level in terms of décor and design, and it will be the envy of all your guests. An elegant and relaxing space suitable for those who want to create a comfortable and aesthetically impactful space with a careful eye for detail. Choosing a white skirting board Before delving into our article, a necessary premise: what is a skirting board and why is it installed? A skirting board is the separating element between the floor and the wall. It serves two main functions: an aesthetic one, i.e., it hides the joint, and a practical one, as it protects the wall from impacts, like bumps when using a sweeping brush. There are many choices one can make when it comes to skirting boards, none of them incorrect or unfashionable, but each one depending on personal taste or style. Any advice on choosing colours or skirting board combinations?

  1. The skirting board may be matched to the colour of the parquet, creating a continuity with the floor.
  2. Matching the skirting board to the colour of the wall creates a continuity with the wall. By contrast, differentiating the colour of the wall from that of the skirting board creates a rather interesting visual break.
  3. A white skirting board in combination with doors of the same colour creates an optical effect that makes the room seem more spacious. 

The truth is that parquet and white skirting boards create a colour combination that just works well together! Providing a sharp contrast between the wooden floor and the wall by installing a white skirting board is becoming more and more popular.

Parquet flooring with white skirting board Attico BA  – Mardegan Legno

The purpose of the BA penthouse design project we see above was to create a modern, young, cosy and elegant environment. This was achieved by using a natural colour palette to give harmony and continuity to the entire environment. White skirting board is a popular choice for many reasons. First, its bright colour creates a visual effect that opens spaces, making them more spacious and inviting, whilst giving them a modern and elegant touch. Also, white skirting boards blend in with the walls and floors of the room, becoming a discreet but important finishing element. White skirting boards are also often chosen in combination with darker-coloured parquet flooring, because of the strong colour break between the wall and floor.

Tips for choosing a parquet with white skirting boards

Choosing the perfect parquet floor may seem a rather daunting task, but by following some useful tips – like those presented in our Pinterest account – find the floor of your dreams might be easy. 

First, consider your personal style and the space where the floor will be installed. Are you looking for a more classic white parquet or for a more modern solution with a classic parquet but white skirting boards? Milk-white or ice-coloured parquet? These are all important questions to ask yourself before making your final choice. Also consider the quality of the wood and the finish, as this will determine the visual impact and durability of your floor. With some careful planning and research, you will surely find the perfect parquet floor to meet your needs and create the aesthetic effect you are looking.

How to maintain a parquet floor properly

Parquet is undoubtedly one of the most valuable and refined floor materials in a home. To maintain parquet in its original beauty, it is necessary to clean it properly and avoid using aggressive or abrasive cleaning agents that could damage the floor covering.  Also, it is important to avoid using excess water and exposing the parquet to direct heat sources. To preserve its shine over time, regular protective treatments are recommended, like polishing or the application of specific oils and waxes. We mentioned it here Cleaning, washing and polishing parquet: the 2023 guide

The best way to install a white skirting board for a neat and stylish finish

If you are looking for a stylish and neat finish to your home, then installing white skirting boards is the perfect solution. But how do you obtain a precise and sophisticated finish? The best way to install a white skirting board is to use the right tools and follow the necessary steps carefully. First, measure the length of the walls and then cut the skirting board band precisely and evenly. Next, it is important to ensure that the skirting board is installed perfectly in line with the walls and with careful attention to detail so as to guarantee a flawless result.  This procedure is usually carried out by professionals to avoid damaging your home and to avoid any nasty surprises after a few years. And if you are looking for parquet flooring for your home, please have a look at our website or contact us for more information. Related articles

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