White parquet: from Ghiaccio (ice) to Latte (milk)

Wooden floors are one of the oldest and most traditional forms of furniture, with their classic geometric patterns lending not only a timeless elegance but also a homely feel to any living space. Today, modern furnishing trends embrace the warmth and sophistication of white parquet flooring, combining it with contemporary techniques to lend spaces a fresh, elegant look that warms quickly turning the ambience into something more inviting and cosier. Starting with the natural essence of wood, white parquet is created through a painting process that favours lighter shades. This technique can also be applied to smooth and brushed surfaces to create a stunning bleached effect. The distinctive and elegant colour of bleached parquet is perfect to brighten up rooms and lend a sophisticated style to an interior design. 

White parquet: reasons why it is a good choice instead of classic parquet

White parquet has become increasingly popular as a home flooring choice. Not only does it add brightness and spaciousness to rooms, it also adds an elegant and extremely stylish touch. White is a neutral colour that suits any furnishing style: from classic to modern, from vintage to Nordic. Choosing a white parquet floor for your home is the perfect choice if you are aiming at creating a cosy, bright ambience with a timeless charm.

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Thanks to the wide range of shades available, you can choose the tone of white parquet that best suits your style and needs. From Ghiaccio (ice white) to a Miele (warmer milk hue), the very light parquet types are diverse and offer more flexibility when choosing the interior design. If our aim is to lend a more vintage feel to the room, we could opt for the Vecchio Casale colouring where planing is emphasised.

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What to know before installing white parquet

In case you are thinking of installing white parquet in your home, there are a few things you should know before getting started. First, you need to consider where the area you are going to install the parquet is located and the amount of transit it will be subjected to. Then, white parquet is very sensitive to stains and scratches, so you will need to be particularly careful in its maintenance. White parquet can add a touch of refinement and uniqueness to your home if maintained carefully.

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Furnishing a home white parquet

Furnishing your home matching white parquet is an exciting challenge for any interior design lover. White parquet, with its luminosity, can create a fresh and modern ambience. To avoid an overly aseptic effect, the advice is to add warm colours like beige or cream to balance the white. Besides, you can choose furniture in natural wood or with dark finishes to create an interesting contrast. Finally, soft, and colourful fabrics like carpets or decorative throws can be included. In any case, white parquet flooring offers endless creative possibilities to furnish your home.

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Advice and tips for the maintenance of white parquet

White parquet is an elegant and sophisticated addition to any home, but as already mentioned, it still requires good maintenance to stay as shiny as when it was installed. To maintain it at its best, it is important to follow a few simple but effective tips. First, avoid choosing products that are too aggressive, as they may damage the finish and fade the colour, and choose products that are suitable for wooden floors.  Clean the floor regularly with a soft broom or a vacuum cleaner with bristles suitable for the parquet, then wipe it with a well-wrung damp microfibre cloth to remove any marks or traces of dirt. Protect the parquet floor from scratches and marks by using mats and furniture leg protectors. Following these tips for maintaining your parquet floor means you can enjoy a beautiful, shiny floor for many years to come.

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Transform your living space with white parquet: some inspiring creative ideas!

White parquet flooring is a bold and modern choice for your living space and can really make a difference. This versatile option can be used to transform any room in your home, from the living room to the bedroom, into a stylishly bright and welcoming environment. Adding coloured walls, soft fabrics and a few touches of natural wood can really boost the visual impact. The use of a white-coloured parquet floor allows exploring unusual combinations of colours and shapes, thus creating a unique space. 

If you are looking for a method to create a contemporary and originally stylish ambience, white parquet flooring is a striking and effective choice, a versatile and durable flooring option. It offers an elegant look while maintaining a modern aesthetic, making it ideal for decorating almost any home. Regardless the type of white parquet flooring you choose; a correct installation and maintenance are essential to keep the floor looking as good as new. When done correctly, it can last for years even in the busiest living spaces in the home. Also, thanks to its adaptability to any style or budget, white parquet flooring can be used as a great starting point to express one’s personal style and create the perfect space to relax and enjoy family and friends.

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